Leavin Today is a stunningly haunting, folky ballad from Canada's "man o the woods" Paddy Boy! Known to be found wandering near streams in the wild forests, he is an unusual, wild-eyed creature full of love, laughter, and amazing music. This track speaks to a real-life period in Paddy Boy's life where he existed in isolation and pain as a misunderstood man living off the land. The vision in this song centres around a man in search of a greater purpose, setting off on a journey down the old rusty railroad tracks, letting only the wilderness become his brother. The Cajun drum, the eerie high "whistle" that accompanies a "Surfer-Style" Guitar line allows the track to float and hypnotize the listener. Paddy Boy's clean, pure vocals are beautifully Produced and woven into the music - while his touching lyrics ("...gotta turn my compass around, find a new direction") come down so sincerely that you become whisked away into the journey with him. You can almost feel the rain beating down on your face as your life is left behind in the distance. Co-written / produced by 5 Time Juno Award winner Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger).